Hello I am Moriarty, welcome to my website. I am a self taught artist following a dream to make the world a more beautiful place with my arts. I've been inspired by many different artists and techniques throughout the years and hope I can now inspire others. All of my paintings are original one off pieces. I make bespoke pieces of art for specific places whether it be for a business or a home and I will always spend time making the perfect creation to compliment its surroundings. I'm always happy to visit and view the surroundings where the painting is to be displayed so I can absorb the feeling of the environment to make the piece unique and fit the surroundings perfectly. If one of my pieces catches your eye or you would like to enquire about commissioning your very own bespoke creation feel free to contact me. All of my creations are available to purchase via this website, each piece has its own inspirational description with dimensions and pricing details Go to the Contact Page for the link to send me an email about purchasing a piece or for other enquires. I look forward to hearing from you.

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